Dine like a Diplomat


If you think something like having dinner with your classmates can’t make you nervous, probably is because you have not been together to an etiquette class!

Last week we took a “Dine like a Diplomat“ workshop as part of our Event Marketing program and it was a great experience that I think most of our class was really interested in having!… however once we were there I think we also got a bit nervous because they were showing us the right way to use our silverware, to have soup, our main course, dessert and how to drink water, wine, tea or coffee.. everything!

So here you have three little things I would like to share that might be useful to you next time you have dinner with your boss, or maybe during a networking event… and maybe even, who knows, when meeting your new in-law’s! 😉

1. If you are a guest: wait, if you are the host don’t wait too long!


If you are at an important event the correct thing to do is to wait to have dinner until the host has the first bite. However, if you are the host, is important that you know people is looking at you to know what to do, so don’t keep them waiting for too long!

2. Rehearse to be effortless chic!

Imagine you are in a conference and you only have a few minutes to have a small talk with other attendees. Chances are you are going to have a few appetizers and something to drink as well. How do you manage to hold everything together and look like you have everything under control?.. answer: rehearse! Try to hold the glass on one hand and the appetizer on the same hand and keep the other one free so you can greet people and maybe even hand them a few business cards!

3. Less is more and more is… well… over the top.

Don’t try to impress anyone ordering the fanciest plate on the menu!… and don’t try to other something fancy just because you think it is expensive. Try to keep it simple so you don’t have to worry about having to wear special silverware (imagine ordering snails at a french restaurant or lobster.. those are big no-no’s). Stay away from spinach as well and other meals that might get in between your teeth and cause someone else smile back at you… and not exactly in the best of ways!

And well.. this was indeed fun! Hope you find these tips useful!


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